#25: No-code, Fatherhood and Ultrarunning with Tom Osman

Hosted by Josh Gonsalves
2 HR 6 MIN
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Episode Description

Tom Osman from Makerpad joins Josh to talk about the growing no-code community, automation tools, and software innovation. Tom also shares his best parenting and work-from-home advice, as well as his strategies and mindset for running an ultramarathon.

About Tom:

Tom Osman is currently working at Makerpad where he teaches people how to build software and automate work without writing code.

Connect with Tom on Twitter @tomosman

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  • Tom Osman share's his story of how he got started in the online business world, and eventually working at Makerpad.
  • Tom hosts the Makerpad podcast, livestreams, and creates no-code tutorials.
  • Ben Tossel started Makerpad
  • Markerpad is a resource and a community where they teach people how to create software without needing to write code.
  • No Code Conference hosted by Webflow
  • In 2016 Josh was creating app prototypes with Sketch and Invision
  • The main nocode stack is: Webflow, Airtable, Zapier, Integromat
  • "Knowing the tools is really important, and taking the time to scope out projects is essential if you're trying to implement no-code solutions."
  • Josh's brother started building an online course portal with traditional developers, and the version of SQL that they used for the database was not compatible with Zapier - a tool they rely on for the rest of their business.
  • Tom says that if you're a no-code consultant or agency, a great way to get new leads for potential clients would be to go to to find out what companies are using, and ask them if they are already automating tasks with the tools they're already using.
  • As technology gets more advanced, it frees up humans to do more creative work, and automation tends to create more jobs than it takes away.
  • At Makerpad, they saw their user-base shift from entrepreneurs and digital creators, to people who work in businesses looking to leverage no-code tools and become more efficient with software.
  • There are new consultancies coming out where all they do is use Zapier and Integromat to help automate business processes for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • There is a huge opportunity for people to create app templates for Webflow, Glide and Adalo template marketplaces.
  • Makerpad employs only four people, but they have 135 Zaps running in Zapier that automate the work of at least a dozen more people.
  • Out of 200+ tutorials, Markerpad's most popular tutorial is "Typeform Basics".
  • Josh started Longboi, an e-commerce site with Shopify
  • "Laziness and creativity are the barriers to entry now."
  • Half the battle is knowing the tools and know what they can do.
  • Ben has a rolling fund on Angelist to fund nocode startups
  • Tom suggests selecting tried and true tools when you're integrating into business, but if you want to try the newest, shiniest tool, he suggests doing it as a personal side project before bringing it into the business.
  • Tom says that a big opportunity for nocode tools is implementing "traditional engineering" tools and processes like version control and error handling.
  • Tom has three daughters.
  • Fun fact: Tom's twin daughters were born on the same day as his twin brothers!
  • Roots is a big apparel brand in Canada that is represented by a beaver
  • Tom shares some tips and resources for working from home with kids in the house. He suggests working in batches and being extremely flexible.
  • Josh books in every hour in his calendar because he uses Calendly to allow people to book time in his calendar for meetings.
  • At Makerpad, Friday is a "free day" where they can either catch up on work, or take the day off
  • Josh uses his Oculus Quest 2 to meet up with friends and colleagues in virtual reality using the app Bigscreen.
  • Supernatural VR app for physical training
  • Josh says that the Oculus Quest 2 is like the "Nokia of VR headsets". No quite the "iPhone of VR" yet.
  • Facebook is launching Horizon, a social VR platform.
  • Josh and Tom both justify new gear purchases by calculating their cost per minute when thinking about how they use the gear.
  • Tom uses Strava to track his runs.
  • Josh's girlfriend's dad uses Strava to track his cycling data.
  • Tom booked his first 100KM ultramarathon 6 months in advance.
  • Tom says ultrarunning is 75% mental, and 25% physical.
  • Tom was inspired by David Goggins to run.
  • David Goggins' book Can't Hurt Me
  • Jesse Itzler Calandar Club
  • Tom says the marathon is the easy part. The hard part is training for months before the race.
  • A theme that keeps coming up is 'Collective Suffering' where Tom describes it in a group run where you know it sucks for everyone involved, not just yourself.
  • Tom and his brother booked an adventure race. A 100 mile race that goes coast-to-coast in Scotland.

Software & Tools Mentioned

  • Integromat - automation tool that allows you to connect multiple softwares together
  • Webflow - software tool to create websites without code
  • Bubble - build a web app without code
  • Airtable - nocode database tool
  • Zapier - automation tool that allows you to connect multiple softwares together
  • Glide - create mobile apps with Google Sheets
  • Adalo - create mobile apps without code
  • Parabola - an automation tool for tables of data
  • Notion - All-in-one workspace
  • Super - Turn Notion pages into Websites
  • Loom - cloud-based screen recording software
  • Tray - Enterprise-level automation
  • Bryter - Enterprise-level automation
  • Descript - collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc.
  • Shopify - Create an e-commerce website without any code
  • Sharetribe - Create a marketplace without code
  • Squarespace - create websites without code
  • Wix - create websites without code
  • Calendly - easy scheduling tool that connects to your calendar
  • Oculus Quest 2 - Virtual reality headset
  • Headjack - Build VR apps without code.
  • Buildbox - make games without code
  • Strava - track running and cycling data

Thanks for coming this far! if you're reading this, it is no accident. The universe brought you to this corner of the internet for a reason, and you're on the right track. I already know that you're an amazing person and I can't wait to connect with you!

— Josh

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