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Josh Gonsalves

Serial Entrepreneur / Designer / Creator based in Toronto, Canada.

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I am passionate about immersive media and beautiful & functional designs that create a more interesting reality.

And I'm the Co-founder of Contraverse,
an immersive media company.

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Hi, I'm Josh Gonsalves. I'm a Canadian Academy Award-nominated director and producer, Co-founder of Contraverse, an immersive media company. I'm a multi-media experience designer living and working in Toronto, operating at the intersection of beautiful design and exponential technologies to develop solutions that change the world for the better.

I directed and produced several VR short films that have been screened at critically-acclaimed international film festivals, and continue to push the limits of immersive storytelling and design with real-time technologies like Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

This website is my "hub" where I post all of my latest projects, thoughts and ideas. I built this site myself with Webflow, which I use to build beautiful and functional websites with ease and speed. I'm glad you found my little corner on the web!

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