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#08: How to Start and Grow a Successful Podcast with Stephanie Andrews

Hosted by Josh Gonsalves
1 HR 16 MIN
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Episode Description

In this episode, Stephanie shares her wisdom on how to successfully start and grow a podcast. She shares tips and strategies on creating a podcast that actually matters, as well as how to grow your show and get lots of listeners. Being a female CEO of a media company, Steph also shares her wisdom on creating positive company culture and how to be a great leader to your team. She tells some horror stories of working in the "tech bro culture" and the toxic masculinity that pushed her to start a company of MOSTLY women, along with two female cofounders.

Stephanie Andrews is the CEO of Origins Media Haus a full-service podcast production agency that helps brands bring their shows to life. OMH has worked closely with a number of brands including RBC, Diva Cup, SaaS North, and Axway

Steph is also a passionate yogi who (as she says) does her best to take the lessons learned on the yoga matt into the world around her. We talk about psychedelics, yoga, and how to cultivate a positive mindset and care for your mental health.

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  • How to find your edge in life and not experience burn out
  • Using houseplants as a daily reminder for self-care
  • How to spot burn out in your colleagues
  • Mental health and how it affects worker performance and retention
  • Finding community in a digital world
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  • The intersection between podcasting and AI technology
  • Google Podcasts app

Thanks for coming this far! if you're reading this, it is no accident. The universe brought you to this corner of the internet for a reason, and you're on the right track. I already know that you're an amazing person and I can't wait to connect with you!

— Josh

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